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As a business owner, it is important that you understand the companies you are doing business with. Probe42 covers all essential points on over 1.06 million active companies to help you do that.

Save on-boarding time


Use public domain information to your advantage through Probe42 to on-board new clients.

Our sales teams save substantial time by avoiding multiple trips to collect financial statements.

Set systematic credit terms


Set credit terms based on scientific methodologies using financials of your potential customers.

Our clients use credible data rather than only relationships to set credit terms.

Reduce your receivables


Track performance of your existing customers’ businesses to foresee and prevent any future payment failures.

Our customers have seen up to 15% reduction in their receivables by using information available on Probe42.

Select reliable vendors


Understand your existing and potential vendors to select the ones with the capacity to grow with you.

Our largest customer does not on-board any vendor without pre-vetting them.

By understanding prospects before you meet them, your sales team will save time and will achieve higher targets.

Expand your target market


Access relevant data on any of the 1.06 million active companies in India and 1.8 million directors to identify newer prospects in your catchment area.

A branch manager in Indiranagar was surprised to find that he knew only 90 companies out of 1800 in his area.

Find customers of interest


Our powerful search filters such as size, location and industry segment will help you narrow down on to the right customers.

There are 347 logistics companies in Bangalore city alone that you could do business with. All available on our platform.

Save cost and time by qualifying leads


Use the company's financial information and director details to avoid dead-end prospects, ineffective sales calls and meetings with the wrong people.

A Mumbai-based credit team saved Rs.70,000 on a trip to Nashik because they pre-screened the customer and found that the prospect didn’t meet their requirements.

Be better prepared


Understand the business of the company you are going to meet and impress them with your knowledge. Close the deal in the first meeting.

All our sales team members are always prepared before a client meeting. They usually walk into a client’s office with more information on the client’s company than the client himself.

To beat the competition, you need to make their business your business. Access to all your competitors’ information will always keep you a step ahead.

Know your competitors better


Use powerful search filters to discover, track and compare yourself with known and unknown competitor companies.

The CEO of one of the largest dairy companies in India was surprised to discover 60 dairy companies with >100 cr in revenues. He had heard of 4 of them.

Use data to beat competition


Knowing your competitors’ brands is not enough. Access their financials to know how their business functions. Use this powerful data to strategize your next move.

One of our customers, a large apparel player in the country, revamped their strategy when they discovered that their leading competitors had better inventory management as their key competitive advantage.

Track and benchmark against your peers


Set up tracking mechanisms to know how your competition is performing financially. Benchmark yourself against competition to truly measure yourself.

One of the largest business conglomerates in India doesn’t start their business planning cycle without an in-depth benchmarking of all their competitors.


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About Probe42

Probe42 has the answers. You just need to bring the questions.

An online platform that enables real-time business decisions, Probe42 provides you access to information on all companies in India. Data collected, cleaned and curated from multiple sources is made available through an easy-to-use interface.

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Meet the company

We are an independent information services company. We pride ourselves on our deep relationships with all the leading banks and multiple large corporates in India. Our solutions have delivered tangible bottom line impacts of reducing bad debt and improving sales resource allocation.

Based in a leafy suburb of Bangalore, we are a team of engineers, CAs, CFAs and MBAs who just love financial numbers.

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Life at Probe

Everyone at Probe joined the journey as they believed that they will help Indian businesses take better decisions through information.

We are keen and dedicated, and we have the skills, knowledge, desire and a great track record to serve our customers well.

We believe in doing the right thing and doing it right. We have the freedom to try, fail, learn, change and repeat.

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