What does Probe do?

Probe is an independent financial research and analytics company that specializes in the research of unlisted companies in India.

We work with leading banks, PE/VC firms, consulting houses and corporates.

We provide company reports with rich information on ANY of the companies in India in a very time-efficient manner.

Why Probe?

We pride ourselves in our deep understanding of Corporate India and are uniquely positioned to help you understand any of the 900,000 companies that are active in India.

We currently serve the needs of over 50 clients and help them with decisions spanning – investments, sales prospecting, credit and strategy.

All our research is client specific and our coverage is size and sector agnostic.

How our research can help you

If you run a company, and count unlisted companies amongst your customers, suppliers, or competition, our research can help you protect and grow your company.

If you are a Private Equity or Venture Capital firm, our research can help you enter or exit your investments.

If you are a banker, we can help you with enhancing the efficiency of your corporate lending and credit evaluation process.

Why are we different?

As a user of research on companies, it is likely that you are NOT getting fair value for your money because:

1. You need to pay for tens of thousands of companies , to get in-depth information on a few companies of interest. Why buy the library when you want to read a book?

2. The report is likely to have been created with a biased interest in mind